What To Expect When You Are Quitting?

Have you been a slave of smoking for a long time? Have you ever decided that you will not touch cigarettes anymore? Have you prepared yourself to finally quit smoking? So, what to expect when you are quitting?

The first cigarette that you held in your hand was the easiest one, but the last cigarette with the resolution of never smoking again, can be one of the toughest decisions of your life. But to bring a positive change into your life  you have to take this leap.

Stopping smoking brings a positive improvement to your lifestyle and health. Once you have stopped smoking, you will see some immediate changes and some long- term changes.

expectations while quitting smoking

So what to expect when you have decided to quit smoking?

You pledged almost five minutes ago that you won’t touch cigarettes anymore but just after five to ten minutes you are pulling out another one with the promise that it will be the last cigarette. Do you really think that these will help? Now what will you do? How will you get through the first few hours, days or even weeks, which are considered to be among the toughest experiences of your life?

The first few weeks are usually the most difficult period for a smoker after quitting, and it won’t be wrong to say that it normally takes 8-12 weeks for your body to get comfortable again with the fact that it is not getting any more Nicotine supplements.  To quit smoking once and for all, you will need all the strategies, practices and support one can acquire.

Only using a combination of hypnosis and NLP can we negate the above symptoms as cigarette smoking is not an addiction but one of the strongest habits we can have.

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