Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes


We guarantee that a 60-minute session with us will help you to quit smoking


Quit Smoking In 60 Minutes

Through neuro-linguistic programming (known as NLP) and through hypnosis, we can get you much closer to reaching your goal of quitting smoking.


What Makes It So Hard to Quit Cigarettes?

Even though everyone who smokes realizes that it is harmful to them and is a costly habit, many of them keep on smoking. But why? More than 60% of those currently smoking have a strong desire to quit. Yet they do not. Why is that?

It’s because every person is different.

  • Some people resist quitting to keep from gaining weight.
  • Some do not want to deal with the terrible withdrawal symptoms.
  • Others believe they lack the willpower to quit.
  • Others still keep smoking to relax themselves.
  • Finally, there are those who have a habit and cannot quit.

For all these people, the underlying reason behind why they fail to quit smoking is that quitting isn’t something they can control. That’s because they cannot control their smoking.

Think about all the cigarettes you smoke each day. How many of them to you enjoy smoking? Likely, there are some that you smoke without even thinking about it. It’s a habit at that point, and your mind needs those cigarettes to continue functioning like it is used to. Your unconscious mind starts to take over and makes you smoke without your permission.

You can compare it to driving. Those who get behind the wheel for the first few times have to really think about what they are doing and what motions they are making. But for those who have been driving a while, the motions come naturally, and they drive without thinking about it. You may often drive while listening to the radio, talking or eating, not realizing consciously where you are driving.

Smoking is the same way. You do it automatically. You don’t even have to think about it. That means that when trying to quit smoking, unless you are targeting the factors that cause you as an individual to smoke, you will not be successful.

Quitting Cigarettes Has Never Been Easier

Did you try to quit smoking in the past? Why do you think that did not work for you?

  • Was it because you started to gain some weight?
  • Was it because you struggled with symptoms of withdrawal?
  • Were you just smoking without any reason for it?
  • Once you tried to stop, did you tell yourself just one more? Did that one more turn into several more?

Maybe there was some other reason. Whatever it was, no matter your reason for failing in the past, this system will work with all of those factors that keep you coming back and get to the real problem behind your smoking habit.

Beyond that, this system can work proactively, eliminating many of the factors that will appear later that give you a reason to keep coming back to smoking.

One example of that is how this system helps you to develop new positive habits. This can ensure that you are not gaining weight once you stop smoking cigarettes.

Our Guarantee

We stand behind our system, to quit smoking, and we are certain that this will help you, that is why we back up our smoking cessation program with our guarantee. This means if you don't quit first session, we will perform  follow up sessions at no cost to you for twelve months. We want you to stop smoking, and we are committed to that goal.

This system makes quitting easy.  There is nothing to fear only health and longevity to gain.

Most People Who Try Our Program Quit Smoking in 1 Hour

Would you like to know why we offer such a generous guarantee with our program? It’s because the majority of the people who try our program are able to quit cigarettes with it, and that is after only one hour. The ones who are not able to quit during that initial one-hour session usually quit after the follow up session.

What that means for you, is that if you want to quit, we have the system for you.

How It Works

You start by calling the answering service on 1300 450 019 or contact me on the contacts page on this website.  I will then get back to you and book an appointment and email/post you the intake forms to bring to your session.

Then we will tell you how our system works.

Our process involves using hypnosis, reframing, NLP and a few other measures that work on the core reasons behind why you smoke. We also give you the materials you need to quit smoking and never come back to it. Once the process is complete, you will return home a non-smoker.

It can also help to know what is not involved in this program. It does not involve any:

  • Pain
  • Major changes to your life
  • Chemicals or drugs
  • Pills or nicotine patches
  • Injections
  • Anything you need to be afraid of

 Benefits of Quitting Smoking

So what exactly is involved with this system? A major part of what goes into making our smoking cessation program successful is the way we use advanced hypnosis. This system dismisses the old superstitions and misconceptions connected to hypnosis.  Today hypnosis is used in therapy, medical treatment, science and law enforcement, professional sports and education.  The other major factor behind this system’s success is NLP.

You may have some questions about hypnosis, and we will endeavor to answer a few of them here. Hypnosis works by interacting with both the conscious and unconscious parts of the mind. Our conscious mind is responsible for making decisions and will power. The unconscious part of our mind is very powerful and controls our habits, belief systems and protects us.  Because we felt good about smoking when we first took it up and kept smoking, eventually our unconscious minds took control forming smoking into a habit.  Thats why we need to talk to our unconscious mind to stop protecting us by keeping us smoking, as we felt good when we first started so it thinks smoking is good for us.  We need to get the conscious mind which knows smoking will kill us and the unconscious mind to agree.  That is why this system makes quitting cigarettes easy.

How successful will this system be for me?

Everyone wants to know if the system will work for them. The answer to that question is that if you have an average IQ or higher, you can use this system successfully.

What indication will I have that it works?

Once you have completed this session, you will know it has been successful if you no longer smoke or have a desire to. Many of those who go through this session feel no withdrawal symptoms whatsoever.

How safe is this system?

Through NLP and hypnosis, this system is able to produce incredible results. Both of these therapy methods are completely safe. It is impossible for you to become stuck in hypnosis, and you cannot do anything that is contrary to your will. Hypnosis is completely safe and very relaxing.

How will I be able to stop smoking through this system?

You have different reasons for smoking than other people do, and this system works with those specific reasons. We find what areas need to be targeted to get you off cigarettes, and we customize the session to meet your needs.

How quickly will I complete the session?

The entire program only takes one hour to complete.

Most People Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes