Ideal Weight – Have You Tried Before?

Chances are, You have, Right?

The bigger range of foods including fast foods available has increased significantly over time in most parts of the world, contributing to obesity, diseases like Diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases, Osteoarthritis, certain types of Cancer and Asthma which are attributed to excess body weight. Life expectancy also reduces due to obesity but these can be managed or preventable by a change of life style.

ideal weight

Obesity: Why?

Even nutritional guides have been unable to solve the issue of overeating or change the choice of diet leading to obesity or excess fat. Sweetened beverages and potato chips, primary sources of carbohydrates, and leading sources of extra food energy have been the main contributors to obesity.

Another major cause of obesity is a sedentary lifestyle. With the advent of labour-saving technology and mechanized transportation, the necessity of physical labour is less. It is estimated that 30% of the world’s population is physically inactive. The association of children and even adults to TV/computers, leading to inactivity for long durations, also is a cause of obesity.

Some other common causes of  excessbody weight,  are insufficient sleep, use of certain medications, late pregnancy in life, epigenetic risk factors that have been handed down through generations, endocrine disruptors, and many others.

Genetics also play their role in obesity but, does it explain the dramatic increase in weight-gain in us?

It’s the same story again and again. You have excess fat in and around your body that is preventing you from doing so many things that you would like to do or wear so many different types of clothes that have been your dream. You are determined to lose weight, and you promise to achieve it; you resolve not to overeat and control your diet and calorie intake.

But each time the resolution fails, and you end up grabbing cupcakes at the office or going for fast-food meals with your children all the while thinking, “My diet is over!” Your aim of achieving the ideal weight is over even before it has really begun.

Why did your resolution fail? Was it because you did not have a plan? Was it because it was too much to maintain the schedule that yielded no visible effects? Was the plan a difficult one to maintain? Or did you just simply go back to your old habits and you were unable to maintain the diet plan?

Have you tried “Breathe To Lives” Ideal Weight Program?

We introduce you to a new system where we first take into account why you are failing your program. We then take care of these reasons. We will assist you in building new habits with our unique techniques that have been tested prior to being used. These simple techniques are easy to follow and maintain, to reach your ideal weight.

Try out our amazing and exciting weight control plan, and we are sure your new body weight will revitalize and rejuvenate you once again.