Quit Smoking Testimonials

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Email one month after session:

"Just to let you know I am really enjoying being a non smoker and I can't thank you enough.  One of the best decisions I made was attending Breathe To Live."

Sheree Harvey - Gosnells

Email two months after session:

"This instantly worked for me.  Awesome job.  Water and fruit so much better for you.  I have gained so much time back in my life and not gained a gram.  I am spreading the word.  Thanks again."

Zoe Jackson - Applecross

"I feel positive and already I can breathe easier .  I am looking forward to saying to someone that "no thanks when offered a cigarette, I don't smoke."

Una McMahan  - Kinross

"I will now have the confidence and the strength to handle decisions in my life without the influence of toxins and will be able to be a stronger and more confident person."

Ann Marie Kelly - Subiaco

Una McMahan and Ann Kelley shared a session and both quit cigarettes.

"It has given me the ability to believe in what I want.  Margaret explained everything, and I feel very confident.  I will achieve my goal."

Terry Handley - Koondoola

Email three weeks later:

Terry and her friend Deborah came for consecutive sessions.  Deborah for reaching you ideal weight and Terry for quitting cigarettes.

"Just a quick update.  Terry hasn't had a cigarette since her hypnotherapy session and I am no longer over eating." 

Deborah Black - Warwick

"It works!!! I have tried to quit so many times and came twelve months ago and it worked for the longest time until I made the mistake of having a drag of a cigarette and became a smoker again.  I have come back and I know it will work this time. I won't think after 10 months it is ok to have a drag."

Annabel Hales - Ferndale

"I want to be able to look forward to a longer, cleaner and healthier life.  I have also noticed among friends that I am "anti-social" being sometimes the only smoker.  I am sick of hiding and want the freedom of not having to smoke."

Fiona Guppy - Thornlie

"I now feel free of the need to smoke.  I will not smell of smoke.  My children and husband will want to kiss me more.  I feel proud of myself for doing this for me.  I am now a non smoker.  Thank you. xxx"

Caroline Brilly - Quinns Rocks

"Prior to my session I was a 25  smoke a day person.  I felt very relaxed during my session, and now feel that I am a non smoker.  Thank you for helping me get over this barrier."

Mike Micucci  - Carine

"I will become a healthier person, I won't smell or get bad looks for smoking.  My family and friends will be happy to know that I am no longer putting my health at risk."

Nadia Hubbard - Lynwood

"I am a sceptic and did not believe hypnosis works especially on myself as I feel I have a very complex mind and thought.  Though I must admit after a period into the session I had experienced something I can't explain and I now feel great being a non smoker."

Stewart Ballard - Queens Park

Stewart needed to come back for a second session.

"I can now live happy, free, and a healthier life for myself, my family and most importantly my partner and kids. Thank you Margaret for helping me achieve the importance of life and for now making me smoke free."

Nolan Grace - Mandurah

“It was a calming, safe environment with great positive thoughts, feelings and personal empowerment. Thanks and cheers to you, and to me now being free!!! Yeeha!!!"

Susie Francis - Midland

“I am now free to live the life I want to live.  I can grow old with my family and do all the things I want to do."

Michael Bullock - Palmyra

“It has given me the opportunity to free myself from cigarettes and become healthy again for myself and my family and their future.”

Amanda Powell -  High Wycombe

“I am glad I used Breathe To Live to become a non smoker because of feeling sick when I have a smoke, sick of not doing things with my sons because I am having a smoke or having them wait for me because I am having a smoke. I am glad I will have more energy and money to do the things I want to do.”

Shaun Southern -  High Wycombe

“I found the whole process just brilliant. In the other hypnosis sessions I have done I was told they could not give the suggestion that I hated smoking. This was very prevalent in the session with Margaret and I know I am truly a non smoker for life. Thank You.”

Session Two: “I slipped up once from my non smoking journey but am now a fully fledged non smoker thanks to Margaret. Absolutely brilliant and cannot be highly recommended enough! Thank you!!"

Judith O’Connor -  Bedfordale

“Its given my back my life, my freedom, and a chance to do all the things I want.”

Ann Deboer -  Swan View

“I have tried several time in the past but have not successfully stayed off cigarettes. I feel better having positive thoughts that quitting for life will lead to a healthier, more prosperous future for me. I am now a non smoker and will breathe fresh air for the rest of my life.”

Hilary Porter  - Lesmurdie

“I am now a non smoker. I feel alive and happier. I can’t wait to go home and show off that I do not need cigarettes anymore. I will feel so proud and good of myself when I go to Qld and see family and they will notice I do not smoke anymore. I thank you for giving me that opportunity.”

Joanne Claridge  - Wattle Grove

“I want my life to be healthy and to do all I can in a healthy positive way.  I am now a non smoker thanks to Margaret.  I can get on and achieve my healthy non smoking life.  Truly grateful."

Jane Ferguson - Lynwood

"I now feel that through the relaxed and reinforcing approach of my hypnotism session with Margaret I can truly be free of smoking and achieve my goals as a happy and healthy father and person in general.  Thank you for setting me free.”

Grant Duley  - Carlisle

“Now I feel I have the strength to say "no" to smoking.  I feel I have been given a second chance to enjoy life completely.  More time to spend with my kids instead of walking away from them because I'm smoking.  I will be a healthy person once again."

Karen Duley -  Carlisle

“I feel quite nauseous at the thought of having a cigarette. I no longer feel the need or desire to smoke. In fact quite the opposite – I am a non smoker and breathe only fresh air. Thank you."

Joanne Watson  - Lochridge

“I have been a smoker for over half my life.  I was ready to move on.  This has given me the push, kick and mind control to do this.  I look forward to starting a healthier life from here forward.”

William Barrett - East Victoria Park

“I am now a non smoker and everything else I tried failed. I now feel like the thought of a cigarette is disgusting."

Carol Albiuno - Herne Hill

“I have found that it has awakened me into realising what a waste of time smoking is. I now know that I will never have a smoke again. I recommend that anyone that is trapped by cigarettes give it a go – you won’t regret it.”

Daniel Partington - Swan View

“I am now a non smoker!! A totally relaxing and easy way to quit smoking and live a smoke free positive life. Also enjoyable and refreshing.”

Maggie Conlon - Southern River

“I already feel 100% better and am now a non smoker. I feel really, really good.”

Gene Mosca - Gosnells

“I will have my life back the way that I would like to have it. I know I am a non smoker. I am over it for my son and my wife.”

Darren Plummer - Elleker

“I have reached a point in my life where I want it to continue as long as possible and in a healthy way. I want to enjoy life to the full while I can.”

Geoff Ward - Ashby

“It was a relaxing and comfortable session and I feel that I am now a non smoker and I feel revived.”

Michelle Kregers - Millendon

“It was the easiest and simplest, stress free way to change your life for the better.”

Sian McMillan - Gooseberry Hill

“I can’t wait to live the rest of my life without the guilt of being a smoker and the worry of leaving life early because of cigarettes.”

Sian Couch - Kelmscott

“I feel alive and relaxed, able to cope better to use alternatives to combat the habit. I am ready to start a new life.”

Kathleen Mitton - Armadale

“I was sick of smoking, wasting money and affecting my health. The session was relaxing and I feel great!!”

Stewy Kemp - Bellevue

 “It was a more relaxed way to give up cigarettes. I feel good, relaxed and not wanting a smoke at all. I feel great and ready to enjoy my grandchild.”

Suzanne Minett - Swan View

“I am glad I used “Breathe to Live” to become a non smoker because now I can breathe fresh air, and as equally important, I can now tackle other areas of my life knowing that if I can quit smoking, everything else will be easy. To me, quitting smoking was the hardest thing to quit or change.”

Michael Kitch - Duncraig

“I feel calm, relaxed and confident about my decision to quit smoking and know I will be successful.”

Dianne Roach - Forrestfield

Dianne quit for many months but needed to come back for a session

"I am now a non smoker and I will breathe fresh air for the rest of my life. I know I will feel much healthier, fitter and happier then ever before.”

Robyn Robartson - Ashby

Robyn quit cigarettes and referred her neighbours months later.

“I am glad I used “Breathe To Live” to become a non smoker because I want to enjoy life fully and be able to breathe better and have more energy – to spend more time with family and grandchildren and to take longer walks.”

Kirsten Hoier - Forrestfield