Weight Loss Testimonials

“I feel my mind can finally connect with my body and achieve all the goals I want to achieve.  This includes reaching my ideal weight and living a healthier, happier and more active lifestyle.”

Kelly Haywood – Baldivis

“I feel energised and ready to take my journey into my ideal weight goal.  I am so glad I have taken this step forward.  Margaret was delightful and positive and calming.  Thank you.  You will see amazing results from me.”

Natasha Hooker – Maddington

“I felt so completely relaxed and comfortable.  It reminded of all I have to offer and why setting my mindset and my flame to reach my ideal weight is a frame of mind.  I can say no and be happy and isn’t  that great.  To have a tool set in your mind that keeps your choices healthy and happy and permanent.  Highly recommended.”

Amy Hounslow – Kelmscott

“I feel something has changed deep within that I could have never changed without hypnosis.”

Emily Beeck – Rossmoyne

Two Weeks After Appointment:

“Steven phoned to let me know he has stopped smoking straight away and is also losing weight.”

Steven Woods  – Forrestfield

“Over the last 30 years I have tried all sorts of “remedies” and “diets” to lose weight.  Despite my best efforts I have kept relapsing back into bad habits and choices.  I know that hypnosis has changed my mindset and re-empowered me to make good choices to keep my fat-furnace flame firing.”

Deborah Black – Warwick

Email Three Weeks after session:  Deborah came with her friend, Terry who had a quit cigarettes session:

“Just a quick update.  Terry hasn’t had a cigarette since her hypnotherapy session and I am no longer over eating.  Thank you.”

“I am ready to take control to reach my ideal weight.”

Tina Van Pelt – Hamilton Hill

“I feel very positive about my weight loss to reach my ideal weight.  I feel great that I will have no more excuses for life.”

Naomi Hullett – Parkerville