Effects Of Smoking

Smoking and Its Effects

Tobacco smoking is very harmful to one’s health. The adverse effects of smoking on lungs are many. It effects the respiratory system , central nervous system (CNS), cardio-vascular system, digestive system and reproductive system.  Every part of the body is affected by this habit. Cigarettes have got around 600 ingredients in them. The smoking of cigarettes generate 700 chemicals among which, at least 69 of them causes cancer.

Effects on CNS

One of the ingredients that cigarettes have is nicotine that is a mood-altering drug which, by the way, has the biggest effects of smoking. It reaches the brain within seconds and energizes it for about a while. After you are done with one, you feel tired, and you crave for more Nicotine. This is how a habit is formed. Some more ill health effects of smoking are macular degeneration, poor eyesight, and even cataracts. Withdrawal symptoms include the ‘shakes’ and grumpiness/irritability.

smoking effects

Effects on lungs

When a cigarette is smoked, harmful chemicals are taken in, which affects the lungs adversely. Chronic use of cigarettes will make the lungs unable to clear out harmful chemicals and all these chemicals get trapped inside the lungs causing respiratory infections. Emphysema is the condition where the air sacs are completely destroyed. The lining of the tubes of the lungs are inflamed in chronic bronchitis. Children whose parents smoke are more prone to suffer from asthma attacks, respiratory problems. So, beware of the effects of smoking on not only your health but your family and whole community.

Effects on cardiovascular system

Nicotine boosts up the blood sugar levels while smoking.  Nicotine causes the blood vessels to tighten which then restricts the flow of blood. Smoking increases pressure and lowers good cholesterol that results into Atherosclerosis. Smokers are more prone to suffer from blood cancer or Leukaemia. That doesn’t mean non-smokers are safe. Breathing second-hand smoke increases the risk of heart attack, strokes and coronary heart disease.

Effects on digestive system

Intake of Tobacco causes gingivitis which means gum inflammation and periodontitis which means gum infection, which further results in bad breath, tooth decay, and tooth loss. Smoking also causes cancer of the mouth, throat, larynx and oesophagus. In addition to oral cancer, it may also cause kidney and pancreatic cancer. Smoking also leads to loss of appetite due to which nutrients that is essential to the body lessens.

Effects on reproductive system

Restricted blood flow affects a man’s erection ability. Both men and women who smoke will have difficulty in achieving orgasm. Women who smoke will have menopause at a very early age. Not only that, these women will have a higher risk of miscarriages, placenta related problems, and even premature delivery. Pregnant mothers exposed to second hand smoke or pregnant women who smoke will have babies with less weight, premature babies or even babies with birth defects. Pregnant women who smoke are at higher risk of having babies with sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

These are the ill-effects of smoking. Each and every part of the body is affected adversely by smoking.

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